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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Washroom or Thought Room

Long chains of reactions of Bio-chemistry were really difficult for us to remember. I still recall a benzene ring drawn on the wall of common toilets of the hostel. When I discussed it with my room partner Punit Paliwal. He told me the secret that time of evacuation is the best time to mug up even the most difficult of all the subjects.

Later I discussed the phenomenon with my Elder Brother at Indore Mr. Devvrat Singh who agreed with me that one can get the answer of the most bewildering questions in seconds in the toilet.

Now I relaize why my elders use to stop me from reading books and newspaper in the toilet. Apart from religious point of view, new fresh wave of thoughts rushes in your brain while getting fresh and such is the time to grab them as your very own original ideas which are more nearer and applicable to you, and not to get entagled to the others' thoughts and miss the original.

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